Here you will find LG505C Frequently asked questions.

Is the LG505c like a smartphone? The LG505c is not a smartphone. It has some smartphone functionalities but it is still what’s known as a “feature phone”.

Can I install Opera Mini or other apps on the LG505c? Unfortunately, the LG505c does not allow for app installs. This includes Opera Mini and the like. The only Tracfone at the time that will allow for app installs is the LG800g

What carrier will Tracfone activate my LG505c? The LG505c is CDMA, as such it will be activated with either Sprint or Verizon. It’s likely that the phone would be active with Verizon in most areas.

Where can I buy the LG505c? The LG505C can be purchased online from Tracfone.com, that’s by far the easiest. You might also be able to find some on Ebay.

Is there a similar phone to the LG505c but in a GSM model? The Samsung T404G is a GSM model and somewhat similar design but it does not have the touchscreen. It does however, have the QWERTY keyboard. It’s also about 1/2 the price so may be worth looking at that model.

Why does the LG505c not show up for my zip code? This means that you do not have a CDMA carrier that Tracfone can activate the phone with.  Some people try to use a nearby zip code but that’s not really a good idea because while the phone might work in a nearby zip, it probably will not work in your zip.

I have a lot of how to questions and the phone does not have a good manual, where can I find LG0505 How tos? You have come to the right place! We have lots of LG505 how tos on our LG505 How to page.