Texting on the Tracfone LG505C

Texting on the LG505c is easy and effortless courtesy the sliding keyboard.   An intuitive interface also makes it quite easy to respond and create new text messages. In fact, I’ll go so far as to say the texting screen is one of the better texting screens on a Tracfone.  Perhaps because it’s the only full QWERTY device they carry.  What I like about it is the fact that you can get to the texting screen in a myriad of ways.  For one, it’s got a dedicated texting icon at the bottom of the screen. In fact, it’s the very first one.  You can also quickly access your favorite contacts by adding them to the right home screen. Simply swipe to the left to get to said contacts. Check LG505C Availability in Your Area


Now for the keyboard, I know pro texters are very particular about their keyboards so here is the run down.  I even broke out the trusty digital caliper for measuring the keys.  The keys measure .30 inches in width and and .16 inches in height. For those who prefer metric, they measure 8mm in width and 5mm in height.

Check LG505C Availability in Your Area

I found the keys to work nicely with my regular sized fingers, which happen to be about 1/2″ in diameter.  Now, the keys are not entirely flat on the surface of the keyboard. They are raised every so slightly, perhaps about 1mm-2mm or too small to measure inches.  In case you’re wondering, the keys are not rubber as they are made of a somewhat firm plastic, not quite hard plastic but not soft either.  Overall, I found the keys to be pretty comfortable to use. For you ladies out there, you will for sure find them to be more than suitable for your dainty little fingers.  Now for the gripe, the space key is rather small, it measures 1/2″ wide by .16″ height.

Keyboard key dimensions:  .29″x.16″  (8mmx5mm)

Space key dimensions:  .5″X.16″ (13mmx5mm)

Key height from base of keyboard: 1-2mm

Maximum finger diameter for comfortable texting: 1/2″ or 13mm

Texting interface

The texting interface is where the LG 505c really shines.  For starters, going into the menu while the keyboard is out reveals a really cool dual column interface  where you can get to just about every single option available without having to scroll.  Going into the actual texting interface, we find an email like screen where we can pick either a contact or enter a number.  What’s really cool here is the ability to enter up to 5 recipients which is a feature I have not seen before on a phone.  Each recipient line has an X so you can easily delete one if you change your mind about that public broadcast of your break up. Below that, you have the typical message box.

When on landscape with keyboard out, you obviously use the keyboard but closing the keyboard is where the exciting things happen. The LG505 has this neat little texting function called PEN. Taping the pen button gives you a little screen where you can draw letters with your fingers.  The phone recognizes the letter and prints it in the message box! Don’t know why but I was really tickled by that for some reason.   While the keyboard is closed, you have the typical numeric keypad that can be switched between T9, Abc, ABC, 123 and Symbols.  So if you are an old school texter, that’s available to you as well for a bit of nostalgia.


My conclusion, the LG505c is a really neat texting phone. There are a whole lot of different inputs available for texting and the interface is intuitive and easy to navigate. The couple of little easter eggs such as the PEN function make it a very cool texting phone which I would highly recommend.